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Penzance canoe Club have a variety of boats and equipment that Club Members can hire on a club night or indeed at any other time. Here you can see a selection of the main boats and personal safety equipment you will have access to as a PzCC Club member.

Images are for information only and do not represent actual craft available.

Penzance Canoe Club Equipment

The Open Canoe; boats that are designed to be paddled with a single blade, and have an open top. They can be paddled, poled, lined, tracked and sailed. Often used for journeying on rivers or lakes/lochs,and can be loaded for extended camping trips.

The Sea Kayak; used to explore the coastline and go on sea journeys, anything from an hour or so to expeditions. Kayaks are designed to be sea worthy with a covered deck, and the ability to have a spraydeck. They have a good cruising speed, are easy to paddle in a straight line, and have space to carry equipment.

Sit-On-Top Kayak; These kayaks are open top, and normally used for general leisure. They are usually stable and easy to get on and off, there are a range of designs available some stable and manoeuvrable for messing around

on the water, maybe in the sea or surf; others, longer

and designed for going on journeys. They can have single or tandem/double seats

The General Purpose Kayak-‘Wild Things’; used to journey on gentle flowing rivers, lochs and lakes, estuaries and the sea. Boats are designed to run straight, but maintain width for stability. They also generally have large or open cockpits, so they are easy to get in and out of.

Used on slow to medium flat-water, in the sea or surf; can be longer and designed for going on journeys. The clubs mainstay boat.

The Play Boat or Surf Kayak; used to play on ocean waves, the specialist boats are designed with flat hulls and

hard rails to maximise speed, control and manoeuvrability on a wave. But paddlers also use white water kayaks and sit-on-tops to play around on the waves.

The White Water Kayak; This involves the descent of rapids in a kayak. The experience in essence is straightforward; you arrive at the start of your chosen run and head down the river.

Personal Equipment; The club also provides various paddles for different boats, Cagoules, Sparydecks, Safety Helmets and Buoyancy Aids.