PZCC Canoe and Kayak BCU 1 Star Courses

Penzance Canoe Club offer a 4 session beginner’s courses from April to the end of October with each course being assessed for the BCU 1 star award on completion.

 If you are interested in joining a course then please send an  email to the Introduction Course Coordinator. You will be contacted with more information and your name will be added to the club waiting list to keep you informed on any course spaces as they come up.

All Penzance canoe Club Coaches are ‘British Canoe Union’ Certified

BCU UKCC Level 1 or above Certified Coaches in Paddlesport.

Course details:


The 1 Star is a clear stepping stone to becoming a paddler. Designed as a basic award, the one star is the level people would typically reach after an introductory course of six hours quality water time.


The award is obtained by taking the assessment in any style of kayak or canoe


Candidates must be water confident and ideally should be able to swim. This is desirable but not essential. If under 14 the learning program of Paddle Power might be more appropriate.


Sheltered water

Part A - Personal Paddling Skills

Lift, carry and launching

Forward paddling over a distance of 100m

Steering and controlling

Return to the bank and get out

Part B–Rescue Skills

 As appropriate (dependent on craft and conditions) capsize and be rescued

or swim to the shore as appropriate.

Emptying boats

Part C Safety, Leadership & Group Skills

Personal risk management

Awareness of others

Provide evidence of one journey of about 1 hour (3 km) duration

(This will take place during the assessment)

Part D – Theory

A number of questions will be asked to check your paddlesport knowledge on the following:



Hypothermia/First aid




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